Let’s talk EMPATHY

We are in some wild times and from the outside looking in it appears that no matter the issue, topic, or situation…many of us are divided. We are extreme one way or the other- and that really sucks! It has created a separation among families, friends, co-workers, you name it.

This conversation was sparked between a friend and myself the other day, when there was a post educating (but also shaming) people that buy a certain non-meat product. If someone is on a new journey or going through a transition- there are steps to take- and shame will only pause and sometimes even end a new journey for someone who is taking a chance.

Here is my deal… we live in a time where we are all doing our best, and if your best is….

  • Removing animal products at your pace, GOOD ON YOU!

  • Slowly learning to unlearn, CHEERS!

  • Researching a little more, KEEP IT UP!

  • Removing yourself from negative spaces, HUGS- because that is hard!

  • Limiting ideas, you have been sold or told in the media about what you should think about yourself- WICKED

  • Leaning on science during difficult times- HIGH FIVE

  • Leaning on your friends and customers for support while treading these unchartered waters- PROPS

I could go on… (and please have empathy for me only having so many characters to type in a post ) but the message here is:

“Listen, friends!!! We are all doing our very best right now! The message of kindness is always going to be a go-to for me, but right now- even more importantly, is the message of EMPATHY (for others and yourself).”

Pause and reflect on how you got to the place you are at right now, you for sure had your own journey to that place. Others’ paths will never look like yours, even if the final destination is similar- so give everyone grace and empathy right now… especially right now. This shared belief is one of the main reasons I was so proud to join Empathy Plant Co.#empathymatters

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